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FJG launches new Podcast

7 April 2020 by Marketing Team

FJG Marketing

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Podcast. The Fisher Jones Greenwood Legal Lives Podcast series brings individuals closer to some of the most sensitive and relevant cases that the firm work on every day.

FJG partnered with The Podcast Company (TPC) to create two Podcasts in what we hope will be the beginning of a long running series for the firm. Each Podcast is led by presenter Jonathan Hart from TPC who guides the listener through the first-hand accounts of the client stories and the considerations of the legal professionals that represented them, making for compelling listening.

The first episode of the FJG Legal Lives Podcast tells the harrowing story of a 12 year old refugee Majid’s journey from Afghanistan to the United Kingdom. Beginning at how he arrived in the UK, the dangers he faced and what his life is like now. Majid is joined by Ashlee Campbell, Partner and Senior Immigration Adviser from FJG who specialises in applications for asylum. Majid’s account is typical of the cases that Ashlee works on each day and it is hoped that the Podcast will bring hope to others in similar situations to Majid.

The second, tells the heart breaking tale of a domestic abuse victim, Sarah, who was in a relationship that turned abusive. The episode describes how she got away, the legal support she received and what her life is like today. Sarah is joined by Solicitor and Partner, Charlotte Knappett who specialises in Family Law. The aim of this Podcast is to raise awareness and give hope to victims of domestic abuse in the UK.

The Podcast lead was Andrew Morgan, Learning & Compliance Officer at FJG, he comments: “We hope that these Podcasts will give insight into the work that FJG do to help our communities and give insight into the client and Lawyer relationship for such sensitive cases. Once we get through these unprecedented times, we look forward to creating more Podcasts for the series.”

You can listen to FJG’s Podcast on all major streaming platforms and they can be found on the FJG website here – www.fjg.co.uk/podcasts.