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FJG looks to an efficient future

9 February 2012 by Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher
Keep Project

Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP has always taken great pride in the efficiency of its services and have launched a new initiative to make sure they stay at the forefront of the market. To maintain and further improve the quality of FJG’s legal provision, they are launching a new project in collaboration with the University of Essex Business School. The project is known as the Low Carbon KEEP Project and has attracted funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the East of England Development Agency.

The purpose of the project is to improve business processes throughout the whole firm, by reengineering the way that work is done so that all of FJG’s services and staff potential will be maximised and the quality of client service will be increased. It will also ensure a far smaller carbon footprint for the firm, cutting down on unnecessary wastage and travel at every opportunity.

As the biggest legal aid provider in the Eastern region, FJG also has a social commitment to finding a way to continue to serve vulnerable client groups who will be severely affected by Government cuts to the legal aid system. Many firms offering legally aided services will struggle to continue to offer advice in family and social welfare areas after the cuts and this is where the KEEP project comes in. Through their partnership with the University of Essex Business School, FJG are looking to adapt their business model, making processes more efficient, innovative and forward thinking, to make sure they continue to provide top-class legal services at affordable prices to those who could otherwise not afford it.

Joe Knox, KEEP project coordinator at FJG said, “This process is a great opportunity for the firm to move forward and embrace new and progressive ideas, while retaining those which have made it successful to date. With simplicity, efficiency and innovation in mind, we are looking forward to becoming a more competitive and truly green firm in the fast moving legal services market.”

Patrick Hitchen, senior lecturer in management at the University of Essex Business School added, “We have had a very successful first meeting with partners and solicitors at FJG and are delighted to be able to assist them in their response to the rapidly changing model for delivering legal services”.

Photographed: The KEEP project local management committee (left to right) – Patrick Hitchen, Ville Karhusaari, Tony Fisher, Dan Dempsey, Paula Fowler and Joe Knox