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16 January 2017 by Marketing Team

FJG Marketing
Family Mediation Week 2017

A local family mediation service is opening its doors to offer information for people who are facing a post-Christmas separation and aren’t sure where to turn.

Fisher Jones Greenwood is offering free drop-in clinics during family mediation week to help people find out whether mediation could help them navigate through divorce and find the best way forward for themselves and their families.

The initiative is part of the nationwide Family Mediation Week (23-27 January 2017) and will see the clinics held across the firm’s offices in Essex. Organised by the Family Mediators Association, the week aims to raise awareness of family mediation as an alternative to costly court battles for separating couples.

The first and second clinics will run on Tuesday 24th January; 10am – 12pm at Chelmsford and 2pm – 4pm at Billericay, with the third clinic running from 2pm – 4pm on Thursday 26th January, at Colchester Business Park.

Kate Taylor, head of Family Mediation at Fisher Jones Greenwood, says: “Many people thinking about separation or divorce believe that they will inevitably find themselves in court and, every year, thousands of families are torn apart by bitter court battles. Relationships between separating parents are sometimes irretrievably broken, and all too often their children are caught up in the middle.

“However it doesn’t have to be that way. Family mediation has helped many divorcing parents build a constructive future for their family, without a court imposing decisions on them, and research shows that mediation is often the best way for families to resolve conflicts. It is faster, less costly and – crucially – less adversarial than divorcing through the courts.

“Unfortunately, too few people realise this and end up locked in angry disputes that have far-reaching consequences for them, and for their children. Sadly, this time of year often sees an increase in the number of couples going their separate ways.

“We want to help those people understand that lawyers and courts aren’t their only divorce option, and also to let other people know that family mediation is an option they can suggest to friends or family members who are experiencing separation and who don’t know where to go for help.”

To find out more about Family Mediation and the free drop-in clinics, contact Kate Taylor on 01206 835320.