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Local Solicitors Embark on Fitness Odyssey

29 June 2015 by Paula Fowler

Paula Fowler

Law firm Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP have partnered with Colchester based health and fitness company Fitodyssey as part of their push to become the fittest firm in the East.

To start their partnership, 28 employees and partners from Fisher Jones Greenwood (FJG) are starting a 13 week programme today in order to shed the pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. The programme is also being funded completely by FJG for everyone who completes it.

Started in 2014 by Jason Skelton and Mark Simons, Fitodyssey believe in a balanced approach with no crash diets or fitness regimes that can’t be sustained. They promote a complete approach by looking at healthy living through fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. They have tailored 13 week individual programmes for the initial FJG programme with the aim that everyone will keep up their newly found healthy approach to life well after the course has finished.

Mark Simons, Co-Founder & Director at Fitodyssey, commented, “We’re different from other fitness companies as we know it’s not about quick diets, unrealistic goals and a regime that removes enjoyment from your life. We tailor balanced, realistic programmes to suit the individual and make healthy living a sustainable habit. Our aim isn’t just to help in the 13 weeks but to embed a lasting and positive change and help with the motivation to achieve that.”

At FJG the 28 initial participants will be split into four teams with group activities and updates planned in order to promote motivation, support and positive habits. With exercise plans, meal plans, dietary advice, daily support and more, FJG staff are getting a comprehensive programme that should see the firm kick on with efforts to be the fittest law firm in the East of England and beyond.

Paula Fowler added, “Fitodyssey provide something that is new and sustainable. Achieving a lasting healthy lifestyle for everyone through a balanced approach is something that will prove valuable to the individuals and to FJG as a firm. We are looking forward to a healthy and energised workforce and I am sure we will be working with Fitodyssey on more projects in the future.”