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New Month, New Website for FJG

1 August 2016 by Marketing Team

FJG Marketing

With a new month comes a brand new website for us here at Fisher Jones Greenwood as today sees the launch of a completely redesigned version of our main website at www.fjg.co.uk. Whilst the UK enjoyed a mini-heatwave the marketing team at FJG, along with the creative bodies at Green Square Communications, were hard at work refreshing the site. We’re excited to tell you all about why we have redesigned it and how it will benefit you.



The website has been developed with the aim of providing a seamless customer journey across all digital platforms; from mobile and tablets, to laptop and desktop users.

We already have over 40% of our website visits coming from mobile devices; a figure we expect to rise to over 50% in the near future.  That’s why the new site is fully responsive, scaling up and down to fit the screen size you are using. This also means that for the first time, the entire content of our website is available for you to view on any device. What this means is that not only can you be reading this very article from your phone or tablet but that it should hopefully look fantastic while you’re doing so!


Navigation & Experience

One of the most important things for us is putting the user first. We want to make sure the website is a place where it’s easy for the user to find exactly what they need to find, not just what we want them to see.

We think we’ve reached that goal through a clear and easy to follow navigation structure.  There is a better reading experience with enlarged text size and vibrant page content that’s easy to find from our streamlined structure. We’ve even made further improvements by adding a new ‘search service by sector’ option which highlights the tailored approaches we can offer various industrial and business areas.


Visuals & Content

As well as looking at the overall user journey, we have made sure the website design emphasises the strong FJG brand with a truly visual experience highlighting the FJG colour palette.  We’ve also worked hard to give each department page its own look and feel through the innovative use of new images.

At the same time we have looked to bring our already award-winning blog and B2B content to the next level. First and foremost the website and blog will continue to be informative, innovative and hopefully essential reading. The new site is also designed to make sure our content is more accessible, more engaging and easier to read.

Of course the new design will also feature the FJG Foundation, Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford (FLOCC) and the SAFE Forum, so make sure to find those sections as well!


Getting In Touch

It will also be easier than ever to get in contact with us. On every page there is a helpful enquiry form, with our main telephone number at the top of the page, plus links to all our lovely social media feeds in the footer of every page. Don’t forget that we have a detailed page for each of our six offices with opening times, contact details and Google maps for easy direction. Also look out for more features to be introduced soon, such as being able to sign up to newsletter mailing lists.

Overall we’re really excited about the new site and we hope you are too. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please do leave us a comment or tweet us @fjgsolicitors and tell us what you think or if there’s anything else you’d like to see.