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Technology Innovations at Fisher Jones Greenwood

29 March 2016 by Marketing Team

FJG Marketing
Technology Innovations at FJG

Here at Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP, we are revolutionising our client communication by introducing Skype for Business alongside many other communication options.

We have joined Skype for Business in order to improve both external and internal communications. We understand the demands and pressures on  our client’s time, so in order to give a more efficient service we are promoting meetings via Skype.

Instead of coming into the office, our clients can now video call their solicitors. Partner Peter Carr, Head of IT services at FJG, commented “By using Skype for Business, our service is even more efficient and we can better help clients meet deadlines and use their time much more effectively.”.

In addition Skype is being used behind the scenes at the firm as training courses and meetings can be easily held across multiple offices to save time. This in turn is allowing more time to be spent benefitting customers through more efficient internal communications. Nevertheless, here at ‘tech savvy’ FJG, we want to reassure our customers that the technology takeover won’t be the only way to get in touch; talking to your Solicitor in person or over the phone will be easier than ever.

Video calling isn’t the only way that we are now looking to communicate with their clients either. With our YouTube channel, blogs, social media feeds and website, we are creating multiple spaces and opportunities for clients to interact with the FJG brand and content.

Paula Fowler, Managing Partner at FJG, continued, “Everyone in the firm is on board to improve communication in 2016, whether it be inside the office to promote a more efficient workplace, or outside through direct contact with clients. Making full use of technology like Skype is the next step in that process. We know that by creating more opportunities for client interaction, we will make a positive impact for our clients.”.