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Volunteering at the Clacton Animal Welfare Trust

17 September 2019 by Marketing Team

FJG Marketing
NAWT Volunteering Day

The FJG 100 Day Challenge encourages all staff to take a CSR day to volunteer at a charitable organisation of their choice. The aim is for 100 members of FJG staff to use their CSR day over 12 months.

Claire Martin and Jane Golding from our Holland-on-Sea office volunteered at the Clacton Animal Welfare Trust, joining their dedicated team for a day. The National Animal Welfare Trust is one of the top animal welfare charities operating six re-homing centres across the south of England. From the beginning of the day; Jane and Claire were in awe of the “team” – their passion, constant time, love and affection for the dogs and cats in their care was just overwhelming.

Their day began with an “Induction” and of course, Health & Safety. They were then introduced to every member of staff and had the opportunity of speaking with all as to their role within NAWT. They were shown around the cattery and the kennels, although there were parts they were unable to access due to the “new arrivals” who were a little distraught, temperamental as they settled in. Then, in the afternoon they watered the plants and mainly dealt with wrapping up and arranging all raffle prizes for all stalls for their fun day which was soon after the visit. The gifts that had been donated were amazing and generous for such a wonderful charity.

Throughout the day, both Jane and Claire thoroughly enjoyed fussing of the cats and dogs, with most animals just wanting a little love and affection. They had the pleasure of meeting Buddy, they helped him exercise in the field where dog games (with hidden treats!) were set up and to their delight, they witnessed him find his “forever home”. They also met Lulu, who was an extremely nervous dog and hid most of the time. On occasions, she slowly came out of hiding in order have a little stroke and tummy rub. Lulu, who unfortunately did not have the best start to life will require continued support and help and she will need to undergo a number of operations. The NAWT set up a donation page specifically for Lulu to help raise money to cover the costs involved in undergoing these operations, and to provide the medication and care that she will require for the remainder of her life, they were successful in reaching their target, which is great news.

Jane and Claire would strongly urge everyone to support this fabulous and rewarding charity. They are heavily reliant upon donations and support from the community. The team there are fabulous, unassuming and caring. Jane and Claire would like to pay a huge thanks to Jo and her strong, passionate and dedicated team who care for all the lovable four legged friends and thank them for allowing them to be a member of their team for the day.

FJG’s 100 Day Challenge launched in July.