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Welcome to the homepage for Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford (FLoCC). Here you will be able to read about the Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford, its founders, see upcoming events; and even download the latest newsletters.

About the Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford…

Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford was founded in 2007 by Trainee Solicitors from various Colchester law firms. The aim of the organisation was to provide aspiring legal professionals, including but not limited to, Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals, Trainee Legal Executives, Legal Secretaries and University Graduates wishing to enter the legal profession, with networking and conferencing opportunities; Additionally, FLoCC endeavours to offer general support for all members. The organisation is also open to other employees and staff working in similar positions within the legal profession; striving to unite and support all future lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford.

In the summer of 2012, the Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford was re-established. The organisation flourished under the second and third (2015) generation of members. Numerous socials and seasonal newsletters followed, making the FLoCC a great success once again; before being duly disbanded due to members’ respective qualifications.

FLOCC: Generation 5.0

The fifth generation of future lawyers has arrived and FLoCC is ready to thrive once again. With new aspirations and visions for the organisation, as well as restoration of the principles and ethics upon which the organisation was originally founded, FLoCC intends to bring the legal community of local areas together; helping everyone to network and support each other within the profession.

Our vision for FLoCC is, in essence, the same- we want to provide a network of support for the local area’s aspiring legal professionals. We will be releasing a quarterly newsletter containing various relevant articles, guidance and other useful information designed to help young professionals. In addition, we will be providing support through our own website with links to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and profiles.

In Addition…

We are in the process of organising various social and networking events, to aid communication between future lawyers who are in the same professional position. In short, by bringing similarly-situated people together, our aim is to help, encourage, and support all involved by facilitating an exchange of information and advice.

Our hope is this affirmation and support will ultimately conserve and solidify relationships between all of the various legal firms in the area and increase inter-firm support and contact in the hope of promoting and cross-selling each particulars firm’s strengths and expertise.

To sum up, this is a great opportunity to develop strong links locally, and to have access to some great support and resources; as well as socialising and having fun, we hope that you will join us and contribute to the vision set out for the Future Lawyers of Colchester and Chelmsford. To join FLoCC – visit our ‘how to get involved’ tab, to read our latest newsletters and subscribe to get them hot off the press – click here or to find out more and join us at one of our forthcoming events – click here.

We strive to provide all our members with our quarterly newsletter by email upon release, In addition, we publish our latest editions of FLoCC News from our generation on our website. All previous editions from other generations can be found here. Please feel free to not only download or print them, but to read them online at any time. Above all else, we hope you find them interesting and useful…..happy reading.

Don’t forget to keep checking back occasionally for new editions of FLoCC News or sign up to our newsletter to receive them directly into your inbox. Email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.

If you’ve got any great ideas for upcoming features, or any other feedback then let us know!

FLoCC Newsletter Edition 2 2022 –  click here


FLoCC Relaunch Newsletter 2022 –  click here


FLoCC Newsletter 2 – 2019 –  click here

FLoCC Events

Our events are held quarterly on either a Thursday or Friday evening, although dates may vary for any special events. We encourage all aspiring legal professional to attend our events, which provide a great opportunity to network and meet and build a relationship with other young professional in the local area.

To find out more about our upcoming events and register your interest to attend, please visit our FLoCC Facebook group.

Forthcoming Events:

We are eager to introduce a new, rejuvenated social calendar; further events will be posted as they become available.


If you are interested in becoming a FLoCC member, but the current events are not something you would like to attend, please contact us by visiting the ‘how to get involved tab’; we would be more than happy to consider any events proposals to ensure nobody is left out.  

We would be delighted for you to join our growing community and subject to your current circumstances, you may join as a FLoCC Member, a subscriber or both!

FLoCC Member

As a member you will be involved directly with our community and other members; attending FLoCC meetings, putting together articles and content for our newsletters and social media channels as well as helping to organise our events. There are many advantages of joining our community as a member, but most of all, it will strengthen your relationship with the local community and give you a sense of being part of something bigger!

To join as a member, you must be a professional in a law firm, located in Colchester or Chelmsford. Professionals include, but are not limited to, Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals, Trainee Legal Executives and Legal Secretaries.

If you have got what it takes and wish to join our community, please email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with further steps!

If you wish to join us as a member, but you are currently not in a professional environment, please send us a short summary regarding your current circumstances, why  you wish to join and what you can bring to our community. We will consider each ‘application’ individually and revert to you with at the earliest opportunity with the outcome.


As a subscriber, you will receive our quarterly newsletters which are jam-packed, with news, articles and useful information from our FLoCC members. You will also be able to join our latest events which are a great opportunity to network with other aspiring legal professionals and build relationships with the local community. Our aim is to provide a network of support for the local area’s aspiring legal professionals and we therefore need you as part of our community!

Anyone with an interest in law may sign up as a subscriber; whether you are a university student/graduate wishing a career in the legal profession; or you are already a Paralegal, Trainee Solicitor or Trainee Legal Executive; or you form part of other employees and staff working in similar positions within the legal profession; it is open to you to become a subscriber and join our latest events!