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Alex Bot


Alex is a website ‘chatbot’ whose main role is to help people find what they’re looking for on the FJG website. Alex the joined the firm in 2018.

Alex bot interacts with website users by understanding natural language. Instead of a search box throwing up all possible results for a particular word or area of law, Alex bot can recognise and understand the language and intention used in a question or a phrase. This helps to narrow down the results displayed to what the user actually needs.

Alex bot also knows when AI can’t go any further and can pass you over to a human if needed. Outside of office hours, Alex will still be on the FJG website and can also take your queries down as official enquiries and email them to where they need to go.

Just like another similarly named smart assistant, Alex Bot is basically designed to make it easier to find out exactly what you need.

Outside of his normal work, Alex Bot has even adapted the famous “Three Laws of Robotics” to work in a Legal services environment:

A ‘Bot’ must help a human being, through action, to find the legal services they are looking for.
A ‘Bot’ must listen to users queries and directly respond in a helpful manner, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
A ‘Bot’ must help through its own understanding, except where this conflicts with the First or Second Law, at which point a ‘Bot’ must help by passing the user to a real person or an enquiry form.