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Our commercial solicitors are able to offer legal advice over a wide range of corporate and commercial areas and issues. From our network of offices across Essex and London we are able to help organisations of all sizes and industries; while always making sure we put the client first.

Landlord & Tenant Services

Fisher Jones Greenwood offers a wide range of Landlord & Tenant services ranging from Commercial Leasehold Rent Arrears recovery to Residential Landlord & Tenant. Our Solicitors are experienced in providing clear, common-sense advice to both Landlords and Tenants.


A recent survey suggested that 81% of tenants who rent their property privately, were satisfied with their current landlord. There are a number of ways that Fisher Jones Greenwood can assist Landlords in assuring their tenant is part of this 81%.  Our Solicitors are able to offer a bespoke service for Landlords which covers advice and documentation from the moment your tenant enters the property, to the moment your tenant leaves.

Our Solicitors are experienced in drafting tenancy agreements tailored to your individual requirements. We are able to offer advice in relation to the various notices that should be served before and after a tenant enters into occupation. We are also able to offer assistance and advice in relation to the legal requirements of the tenancy deposit scheme and your ongoing responsibilities as Landlord during the tenancy.

As the above statistic suggests, there are a proportion of tenants who are not satisfied with their current Landlord. Our Solicitors are experienced in dispute resolution and are able to provide advice and representation in the County Court for residential possession proceedings. Whether you are looking to sell the property and need to obtain vacant possession, or the Tenant has failed to pay rent, our Solicitors are able to take swift action to avoid incurring unnecessary cost.


Our Solicitors can provide assistance and advice in relation to possession proceedings brought by your Landlord. Your Landlord is obliged to provide you with the correct form of notice and comply with the correct notice period. We are experienced in representing tenants and protecting your legal rights where your Landlord has failed to do so.

We can provide advice and representation for housing disrepair claims and representation in relation to disputes about Tenants Deposits. We are also able to offer leaseholder advice on Service Charge, Management Disputes, Lease Extensions, and Enfranchisement.

We are happy to provide assistance to Landlords on matters concerning:

  • Entering into a tenancy agreement with a tenant and your responsibilities beyond this.
  • Tenant breaches of tenancy agreements.
  • Forfeiture of commercial leases

Similarly, Tenants can also receive advice on:

  • Repair obligations
  • Deposit protection concerns
  • Defending possession claims

The above examples are by no means exhaustive of the types of advice, we are able to give.

If you wish to speak to one of our solicitors about Landlord & Tenant related issues, you can contact our team by telephone on 01245 890110 or by email to [email protected]. We are unable to offer legal aid for any of the above services.