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Professional Negligence

From time to time individuals and businesses will depend upon professionals to take care of important transactions and matters on their behalf. At such times a reasonable standard of skill and care is the very least that can be expected.

Sometimes a professional will fall below that standard: usually by doing something that he/she should not have done or by not doing something he/she should have done.

When this happens, the individual or the business may suffer financial loss. If the effective or dominant cause of the loss is attributable to the negligent acts or omissions of the professional then you may have a professional negligence claim.

It is doubly unfortunate if your professional adviser whether a solicitor or barrister; construction/engineering professional or a financial/tax adviser conducts your business negligently or accidentally. However, he or she is usually backed by indemnity insurers who will pay out on successful claims made against their insured professional.

In all cases, we will explore ways to resolve the claim out of court by delivering focused support, practical guidance and effective representation in a fair but firm approach.

A professional negligence claim is a complex and specialist area of law. Consequently, indemnity insurers sometimes use large law firms with considerable experience to try to defeat professional negligence claims. It is therefore essential that any claim you may make is carefully crafted and from the outset is handled by an experienced specialist solicitor with equivalent training, knowledge and experience.

Our approach to resolving disputes has seen considerable success.

We will thoroughly investigate your case and provide you with a realistic assessment of your claim. In the case of non-lawyer professional negligence we will usually obtain the services of an expert in the particular field. We will then advance the claim on your behalf to the professional and his insurers and will actively seek to negotiate a settlement of your claim without the need for court proceedings. If negotiations fail to settle the matter, we deliver a well structured and well conceived claim that will have the best opportunity of producing the best result for you or your business.

If you wish to speak to one of our Solicitors about bringing a claim for Professional Negligence, call Bushra Elzubeir on 01245 890110 or email [email protected].