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Points Based System Tier 2 – Tier 5

Tier 2 is for UK businesses who wish to sponsor workers from outside the European Economic Area, in order to work for them in the UK. All employers wishing to sponsor non-EEA workers need to apply for a sponsor license.

Employers must also ensure compliance with UK Border Agency legislation. As an employer, you will need to be able to prove that you are a genuine business operating legally in the UK. You must also be able to prove that you meet all other relevant UK laws.

Employers must also prove compliance with the UK Border Agency rules and regulations; and that they are also able to effectively monitor foreign national employees within their business.

At FJG we can assist you with an initial sponsor licence application. We can also help you if you’re downgraded from an ‘A’ rating” to a ‘B’ rating.

And if your sponsor license is suspended, we can also help you challenge that decision.

At Fisher Jones Greenwood we provide ongoing advice on issuing certificates of sponsorship; as well as helping to ensure that you comply with the resident labour market test. At FJG we can also advise on the occupation codes of practice for Tier 2; as well as how to apply for a COS under the exceptional case application procedure.

We can also advise on intra company transfers in order to meet your business needs.

How We Can Help

At FJG we assist employers with compliance training and can conduct compliance audits in your business; so that you are prepared in the event of a UK Border Agency visit.

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