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The FJG Foundation has been set up for the benefit of, and to support local charitable and worthy causes. The FJG Foundation relies on various funding initiatives to be able to fulfil its objectives.

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The FJG Foundation

The idea behind FJG Foundation is simple. By raising money throughout the year with sponsored events and fundraising initiatives, the FJG Foundation can support and make a positive difference to more worthy causes than ever before. All of the money raised by the FJG Foundation will go back to the communities in which we operate.

To start with, please take some time to read through our objectives; as this this will give you an idea of who we would like to help, and why. If you would like to apply for a small grant (typically between £250-£500), first make sure you meet the application criteria, and then follow the procedures outlined on the ‘apply’ for funding tab.

If you would like to see who has donated, or if you would like to read about some of the fund-raising activities that we will be involved in, then please take a look at the tabs across the top of this page. The tabs above will also give you some information about the FJG Foundation Trustees, the objectives of the Foundation; and how you can donate too.

We are fully registered with the UK Charities Commission. Our registration number is: #1153469.

The FJG Foundation Objectives Are To:

  • Raise money and to provide funds to causes that meet the application criteria of the Foundation.
  • Help those who inspire children and young people through sporting and recreational activities.
  • Assist those who seek to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children; as well as young people through sport and recreational activities.
  • Help those who support and assist in the development of sporting and recreational amenities, in the local community.

Take a look at the up and coming events for FJG Foundation…

Race Night, Thursday 24th November, tbc


Other up and coming events in the Colchester area…

Colchester Youth Awards “Our Youth, Their Future”, tbc – click here for more information

How to apply for funding

First, make sure that you meet the funding criteria below. If you are sure that you do, then you can apply for funding by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware, Trustees have a wide discretion in how they choose to manage, and distribute, FJG Foundation’s funds. The FJG Foundation is governed by our Objectives and Charity Law. But the Foundation does not work on the basis of rigid eligibility criteria. We aim to fulfil our Objectives carefully and consistently. Our overreaching aim is to benefit charitable and worthy causes in our locality.

It is not necessary to be a registered charity to apply for funding. Although, we can only support your application if it meets our application criteria; as set out below.

Application criteria:

  • Donations are designed to be made to smaller community projects; with a focus on sporting and recreational amenities that are designed to benefit children, and young people.
  • The Foundation will only consider appeals for donations from organisations within the Essex and Tendring areas.
  • Applications must be for a project with a specific, and defined outcome.
  • Donations will not be made to individuals; nor to those with an individual need.




    Summary of organisation

    How much funding would you like to apply for (up to £500)?

    What do you want the funding for?

    Who will the funding benefit?