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Those people who flee their country in fear of persecution, or, due to a change in circumstances whilst they are in the UK, develop a well founded fear of being persecuted on return to their country, should claim asylum.

There is protection for people in this situation under European and domestic law. For those people whose case does not meet the criteria for asylum, but their removal would breach their human rights, there still may be protection available under the Human Rights Act.

We can assist with initial advice for people thinking about making an asylum claim, and with all stages of the case, from initial interview, to decision and appeals before the First Tier Tribunal and above. The team also has considerable experience of acting for vulnerable clients and children, and take a compassionate and sensitive approach to the issues our clients face in this difficult area of law.

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Asylum Advice

Legal Aid

The firm has a contract to provide legal aid for advice and assistance at all levels of the asylum process as well as for Public Law Judicial Review challenges in the High Court, for those who qualify for it and are within our contractual area. For more information please contact us and we can discuss whether you are likely to get legal aid before you even come in for an appointment.

Further Submissions/Fresh Claim for Asylum

If you have already applied for asylum and have been refused or your case has come to an end, we can still offer you advice on whether you can make a fresh claim for asylum or assist you in submitting further representations to support your case.

Judicial Review

Those who have been waiting for a decision on their case for a long period, or who have a decision they cannot challenge by an appeal to the Tribunal, may still be able to challenge the Home Office by making an application to the High Court. We may be able to offer legal aid for this, if you eligible and if a barrister advises that your specific case has sufficient prospects of success.


We may also be able to offer legal aid to you if you have claimed asylum previously, overstayed or your application has been refused and you now currently face removal or deportation from the UK.

For further information and advice please contact our Immigration team on call 01206 835270 or email [email protected] / [email protected].

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