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Selling Your House

When selling a house the owner will have found a buyer either privately or through an estate agent. The solicitor/conveyancer should be instructed as early as possible (even before a buyer is found). The solicitor conveyancer must get the deeds which are usually held by a mortgage company. This in itself can take a couple of weeks depending on the lender so it is a waste of time to do this after a buyer has been found. The mortgage company might make a charge for sending deeds but if the property is to be sold anyway it is well worth getting them early.

The seller must complete a Property Information Form and a Fittings and Fixtures Schedule. These forms will be sent to the buyer giving information about the property and a list of what fittings are included in the sale price (and what is available for separate negotiation). Again these can be completed at an early stage.

They can be completed, printed out, signed, and sent to us. It is best not to email them to us as the buyer will want to see an original signature on the forms.

To find out how much conveyancing costs would be for selling your house, visit our Get a Conveyancing Quote page, enter your details, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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The following explanation aims to explain what is involved and what each party does.

Offer/s accepted

Once you have had an offer accepted on a house you are buying then this is when you contact a solicitor (us) for a quotation and to instruct. Then you give the estate agent your solicitor (our) details.


Once we have submitted the buyer’s solicitor with the draft Contract, title documents (from the Land registry) and any other paperwork that you have such as boiler service reports then the buyer’s solicitor will conduct searches on the property and will raise enquiries with us. There will usually be some questions that you need to answer so we will send you these.

Signing the Contract

We will ask you to sign the contract once it has been approved by the buyer’s solicitor. The contract can now be signed electronically therefore there is no need for you to attend our office unless of course you wish to do so.


On exchange of contracts your solicitor will call you to check they have your authority to exchange and your agreement to the proposed completion date. Once every solicitor in the chain has their clients’ authority and agreement to a date then the solicitors exchange on the telephone; they do not need anything further from you. Once we have exchanged contracts we will send you a completion statement showing the amount that will be due back to you on completion (after repaying your mortgage and estate agent fees etc.). We will ask for your bank details (these must be verified over the telephone to prevent fraud).


On the day of completion we will wait for funds to be received from the buyer’s solicitor. Once they have arrived we will telephone you to let you know and to ask you to make sure the keys are with the estate agent ready to be handed over to the buyer. We will then arrange to repay your mortgage, estate agent fees and send you the balance of funds.

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