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If you are appointed an executor of a Will or if you are the person entitled to extract a Grant in an intestacy, then this can be quite a daunting experience which can involve a great deal of your time.

If the estate is substantial, you may find you have to complete an Inland Revenue Account and raise Inheritance Tax before you can obtain a Grant. You will need to obtain probate valuations of all the assets at the date of death which could involve instructing an Estate Agent to value property and Stockbrokers to value shares. You will also need to finalise the income tax affairs of the person who has died.

Sometimes there are beneficiaries in the Will who have moved away (or perhaps there is no address in the Will for them) and there could be problems tracing them.

Our team of experienced lawyers can arrange all the necessary valuations, complete all accounts and documents to lead to the Grant. We will arrange closure of bank accounts, sale of shares and property. We are able to instruct genealogists to trace missing beneficiaries and, ultimately, we will pay out any legacies in the Will and distribute what is left to the residuary beneficiaries.

We offer an initial free face to face appointment at our offices to discuss your case. Following this initial appointment we will advise you of our fixed fee charges before commencing any legal work giving you peace of mind from the outset.

Grant Only Service

For estates where a full Inland Revenue account known as an IHT 400 is not required, for a fixed fee of £1,200 plus Vat plus disbursements of Probate Court fee £300, (additional copies of the Grant cost £1.50 each). We are able to prepare the paperwork leading to the issue of the Grant.

This service will suit individuals who wish to administer the estate themselves (typically due to it’s simplicity and low value) but do not have the time to attend the interview at their local probate registry and complete the personal application forms.

Fixed fee is exclusive of the Court fee which is £300.

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