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Setting up a Business Partnership

Many businesses and companies seek to merge or restructure either to secure a strategic business advantage or to secure that they are cost-efficient and profitable as possible.

Often, corporate structures established upon incorporation of a company or a group of companies do not reflect the needs of the shareholders, in view of developments which have occurred since the start of the business, meaning such structures often become inefficient and somewhat inappropriate.

Problems also often arise in family businesses when there is a family breakdown, or the business is being gradually handed over to the next generation.

Here at Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP, our specialist Corporate & Commercial team are able to advise on every step of a merger, reorganisation or group restructure, including:

  • Companies looking to ‘hive-out’ loss making aspects of its business
  • Group reorganisations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganising a group structure after a sale or acquisition
  • Demergers
  • Intra-group transfers
  • schemes of arrangement and other insolvency advice
  • restructuring on family breakdown or as a result of inter-generational issues

How We Can Help

If you require legal advice in relation to group restructures, reorganisations or mergers, please call and speak to one of our Solicitors in our Corporate & Commercial team on 01245 584515 or email [email protected].

Offices in Colchester, Chelmsford, Billericay, Clacton-on-Sea, Holland-on-Sea, and London.

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