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Buying/Selling Businesses and Property

Our team can assist with all aspects of the buying and selling of a corporate or other entity with property element.

There are two instances when property is a part of the sale of an entity rather than the property asset alone (without a corporate ‘wrapper’): the first is where the main aim is to purchase a business, and all the assets that it holds, including property (for example a distribution business will have leases of warehouses which are integral to its operations).

The other is where the main aim is to purchase the property itself, as an investment or development opportunity. It has become common, for tax reasons, to hold property in special purpose vehicles (companies, units trusts, and partnerships being some of the most common holding structures, sometimes offshore).

In either scenario, a sale agreement of some description will be required, along with due diligence on the company and its assets and liabilities (including property), and the commercial and commercial property team can assist with this, having extensive experience of both aspects.

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For further information and advice about buying or selling a business with a property element, please contact our commercial real estate team on [email protected].

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