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Tier 4 Sponsor License Applications

An education provider must have a sponsor license if they wish to offer courses to foreign national students, or employ non-European economic area academic staff.

At FJG we can assist you in the process of obtaining a sponsor license. We can also help with challenging any Home Office decision regarding the rating of your establishment. And we can also offer compliance training, and provide ongoing day-to-day support on Home Office compliance.

The suspension or loss of a sponsor license for an education provider has devastating and far-reaching consequences. Both the education providers business, and the student(s) may lose the right to remain in the UK.

Consequently, it’s important that as an education provider you are aware of your duties to the Home Office; to monitoring the attendance, and absence of students. Records kept by education providers are of particular interest to The Home Office.

This is to determine if the running of their systems reflects what was put forward to the Home Office; when obtaining a sponsor license. We offer advice in all of these areas.

In addition, those applying for a Sponsor License under Tier 4 need to show they are subject to overview by appropriate bodies; otherwise known as educational oversight.

How Can We Help

We can assist with advice on how you meet the requirements for applying for educational oversight; and what will happen if you are a legacy sponsor.

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