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Following last week’s Labour’s General Election victory, FJG Partners Richard Busby and Ashton Carter were invited by James Hazell from Gen X Radio to discuss some key changes we expect to see in the areas of Corporate and Family law.

Understanding the impact of Labour’s corporate law policies

The Labour Party’s victory introduces significant changes in corporate taxation and business strategy. Here’s what businesses need to know:

  • Corporate tax cap: The new government plans to cap corporation tax at 25%, providing a stable rate that businesses can rely on for financial planning.
  • Industrial strategy: The introduction of a comprehensive industrial strategy aims to promote long-term investment in clean energy and advanced technologies, potentially creating 650,000 jobs in future-oriented sectors. Businesses should prepare for a more regulated environment with a focus on sustainable practices and innovation.
  • Business rates reform: Labour’s pledge to replace the current business rates system with a fairer alternative aims to support economic growth and help businesses thrive.

Family law reforms under Labour

Labour’s New Deal for Working People will significantly impact family law. Here’s what you need to know:

  • New rights for cohabitees
  • Supporting families by introducing free breakfast clubs in schools
  • Landmark mission to halve violence against females in a decade
  • Domestic abuse advisers within 999 control rooms
  • Ensure there is a legal advocate in every police force area to advise victims of violence against women and girls
  • Reviewing Universal Credit to tackle poverty
  • Opening 3000 nurseries through primary schools

At Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP, Ashton and the corporate law team are ready to help your business navigate these changes and leverage new opportunities. We’ll ensure your business is compliant and well-positioned for growth. Contact us today on 01206 835300 or email to [email protected] to ensure your business is compliant and well-positioned for growth.

We’re here to support families too and aim to be at the forefront of changes that will impact both families and individuals. At Fisher Jones Greenwood, Richard and our team of family law experts have a wealth of experience and will provide clear advice to guide you. Please contact our Family Team by calling 01206 700113 or email [email protected].